Research Resources

Sites of Interest
Articles, opinions, and techniques (some videos), on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (as developed by the Gracie family).  Also, mixed martial art combat, and self defense.
Dog Brothers Kali
Boom !!!  Full-contact Kali - videos, articles, and more - courtesy of Top Dog, Crafty Dog, Salty Dog, and the rest of the pack.
Non-commercial site featuring a voluminous collection of self defense articles, many posted from newsgroups.  Some, highly unusual and fascinating - (e.g. "The Joys of Being Homeless", "Romanian Street Weapons" )
Judo Information Site
Neil Ohlenkamp's award-winning site, has articles, videos of judo throws, humor, supplies, and more.  Very comprehensive - the amount and quality of information is impressive.
Stick Grappler's Martial Arts Archives
Good non-commercial collection of information - not just stick grappling, but a wide spectrum of martial arts, self defense, and "street survival" articles. 
Pekiti-Tirsia Kali
Philosophy, technical information, and more on this highly-respected Kali system.
Sayoc Kali
Articles and some good kali videos; the Sayoc instructors have also done some interesting research in "stick grappling".