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Footwork is the engine that drives our style of armed and unarmed defence. It is the key to understanding where defensive and offensive power originates. Footwork focuses your body's energy on the direction in which you intend to move.

When attacked, use footwork to avoid being hit. Footwork teaches you to "step off the tracks when the train approaches". Blocks may miss but if you are out of harm's way, it won't matter. You can draw out your attacker with footwork, then use it to get in close when you spot an opening.

Primary types of footwork employed in our training:

  • Side-step (short, & long)
  • Weave-in / weave out
  • Ducking under
  • Triangle (forward & reverse)
  • Takeoffs (forward, reverse, fourty-five degrees
  • M & W pattern
  • Diamond
  • Body Shifting
    • forward & backward to 3 levels
    • slipping - side to side
  • Sliding
  • Circular
  • Back & Forth
  • Side To Side