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Unarmed vs. Weapon Defence Techniques

Unarmed defence against edged or blunt weapons should take into consideration the following :

  1. Running away...real fast
  2. Looking for a weapon to use
  3. Footwork, to get your body out of the line of attack
  4. Redirecting, tapping & trapping the weapon arm
  5. "Third hand" principle counter techniques to strike, disarm and control the attacker(s)

An important thing to remember is to use your imagination both in your training and adapting the techniques to suit the situation.

When being attacked first look for anything that could be used as a weapon in your defence. If you were able to procure a weapon, use it to strike the weapon arm (on hand, wrist or elbow) of the attacker, then strike vital nerve points or other vulnerable targets on his body.

When a weapon isn't available, use footwork to avoid the initial thrust or slash/swing while simultaneously redirecting the weapon arm across your assailants' chest. Now is the time to follow up with the techniques that have been taught to you.