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In Memoriam

Renshi Alain Lalonde  
Renshi Alain Lalonde
(1969 - 2010)

Our dear friend, martial art instructor and Fellowship member Renshi Alain Lalonde was suddenly taken away from us at the early age of 41.  Al has been with the Fellowship since 1999 where he was a senior student in Kali-Jitsu.

Al was larger than life, an incredible friend, exceptional student and role model. He was honourable, caring, rock-solid dependable, good natured and a giant of a man whose heart was as big as he was.  As a Sensei, Al inspired and motivated his students.  As a student, he was a joy to teach, his dedication and passion for the Martial Arts were always evident. He had a true heart, sharp mind and awesome real life Martial Arts talent.  He will be missed. 

Rest in Peace, Brother.