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In Memoriam

Professor Jules Ladouceur  
Professor Jules Ladouceur
(1950 - 2010)

Anyone who knew Jules was aware that his passion was the martial arts.  Sensei Jules has generously shared his knowledge with his students for over four decades. Thousands of his students over the years have benefited from his wisdom and vast technical repertoire.

Sensei Jules taught us how to be better martial artists and people; he led by example.  He gave and shared his experience unselfishly.   Sensei Jules was our voice of reason, our wise spiritual advisor, our technical guide and our friend.  His love of the Arts and his students was always evident and felt. Although he hated the term “Master”, Jules was one in the truest sense. 

Sensei Jules passed away on Sunday 6 June 2010 at his home in Ottawa due to a heart attack.