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Past Events

2016 Black Belt Grading

On 29 May 2016 we welcomed two new Ninja Black Belts, Francois Gravelle and Marc Lauzon, into the Fellowship after successfully passing their exam. This was no small feat considering the ages of both new Black Belts, Marc is 36 and Francois is 58 years old. Francois is the oldest student to ever pass this exam in Ninja Fellowship history.

Senseis Joe Gauthier and Sebastien Houle did a fine job in preparing them for this challenge. Marc and Francois are the second & third of Joe's dojo Black Belts to pass their Fellowship exam with another one going for her exam in 2017. Congratulations to all. These Fellowship Black Belt exams are a great opportunity to gather the clan, reconnect friendships and demonstrate the commroderie that makes the Fellowship special.

We had 10 Ninja Black Belts officiating at the test, some traveling from Kingston and Petawawa. After the exam we all headed to a local restaurant to celebrate our newest Fellowship members.