Canadian Ninja Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Fellowship

CNJJBBF members at Grading

The Canadian Ninja Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt Fellowship (CNJJBBF) is a non-profit association of Black Belt graduates and affiliates from the Canadian Ninja Jiu-Jitsu system of Martial Arts. We represent the interests of Fellowship Black Belts whose goal it is to advance the art and help each other evolve as Martial Artists.


The four pillars of our value system are discipline, honour, respect and friendship. We are open-minded, dedicated, hard working and flexible in our approach to teaching and learning Martial Arts. We believe in using what works and are not bound by tradition for tradition's sake. We encourage CNJJBBF Black Belts to learn other arts so they can progress and bring the knowledge back to help refine our system. We train for life.


Membership into the CNJJBBF is obtained by first passing a dojo Black Belt exam administered by a certified CNJJBBF Black Belt instructor. The next step is to pass an exam conducted by at least one CNJJBBF Board of Director instructor. A Fellowship Black Belt admits you to an international network of experienced Martial Artists, who provide advanced close quarter combat training to help members progress on their Martial Art journey.