The Board of Directors

The Board
CNJJBBF Board of Directors

From left to right: Michel Leblanc, Ray Zwicker
Jules Ladouceur (deceased), Dave Stewart

The mandate of the Board of Directors is to provide the governance, vision, direction and quality assurance standards for the Fellowship. The Board is also responsible for the image and voice of the Fellowship.

One of the main purposes of the Board is to ensure the integrity and the quality of instruction provided by Fellowship Black Belts. This is accomplished by offering instruction to CNJJBBF Black Belts at dojos and at seminars, the annual Summer Camp, the annual Black Belt summer gathering and the annual Black Belt grading to Shodan and beyond. The Board draws on more than 120 years of combined Martial Arts experience to help guide Black Belts through the vast array of advanced techniques and strategies taught within the Fellowship.

The Board of Directors is comprised of the following individuals (click on name for biography) :
 Name Dan  Position
 Ray Zwicker  VIII  Chairman
 Michel Leblanc  VIII  Vice-Chairman
 Dave Stewart  VII  Western Director
 Dave Robitaille  VI  Board Member