Sensei Dave Stewart

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Sensei Dave StewartDave Stewart started training in Jiu-Jitsu in 1979 under the guidance of Professor Gerry Marshall, while stationed overseas with the military at Canadian Forces Europe, Lahr/Germany.

In August of 1982, he was selected to assist instructing unarmed combat for the Royal Canadian Dragoons Regiment under the Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. Darryl Dean, Third Degree Black Belt in Judo and an experienced competitor of the Unarmed Combat Competition "British on the Rhine". At that time Dave had already achieved his Blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu and soon qualified as an Unarmed Combat Instructor.

In March 1983 while in his last year of his tour of duty in Germany, Dave Stewart achieved his Brown Belt. Shortyly thereafter, he was posted back to Canada (Kingston). It was fortunate that his instructor, Professor Marshall, was also posted to the same location. There he was able to continue his training and was graded to Shodan (First Degree Black Belt) in March 1984 at the Ottawa Dojo, after 4 1/2 hours under the critical scrutiny of Sensei Denis St. Jean 5th Degree Black, co-founder of the Ninja name. Dave Stewart spent a full three years at Kingston, dedicating himself to furthering his training and in June 1986 he underwent another grueling 3 1/2 hour grading for his promotion to Nidan (Second Degree Black Belt).

At CFB Petawawa, he carried on the task of training the 8th Canadian Hussar's (Princess Louise) Regimental members in Unarmed Combat along with opening a Jiu-Jitsu Club. At the club he taught both children and adults until his posting back to Lahr, Germany the summer of 1987. On his arrival to Lahr, Dave took over as the Chief Instructor of the existing club, which had continued to operate since it originally opened in 1979. During those four years in Germany, Dave continued to instruct Unarmed Combat to the 8th Canadian Hussar's and the club, averaging 14-16 hours of instruction & training per week. He also attended and hosted numerous seminars and competitions, which became internationally attended events by world-class instructors. Kyoshi Bill Hinde (Goju Karate), Kyoshi Jules Ladouceur & Renshi Gerry Marshall and Guro Ray Zwicker (Escrima/Kali stick & Knife) to name a few.

Sensei Stewart was also asked to instruct a number of seminars hosted by German clubs. In December of 1988, David was promoted to the rank of Sandan (Third Degree Black Belt) by Professor Jules Ladouceur and Professor Gerry Marshall during one of their seminar trips. A few years later in the summer of 1991, he was posted to Kamloops, British Columbia as a Military Recruiter. Dave spent the next four years traveling throughout BC for the Canadian Forces. While there he was able to open and maintain a Dojo, which allowed him to carry on with his training. His job requirement to travel extensively presented a unique opportunity to train with and experience a vast number of other Martial Art systems and Instructors (Hapkido, Chito-Ryu, Goshin-Do, Judo Escrima and other styles of Jiu-Jitsu). Through these experiences Dave Stewart was able to promote his system as well as develop his mastery of the Jiu-Jitsu art.

During the four years spent in Kamloops, Dave also gave personalized seminars to Fisheries and RCMP officers in both BC and Alberta, specializing in defense against a knife and controlling techniques using the Baton/Asp. In December of 1994, David was promoted to the rank of Yondan (4th Degree). Once again in July 1995, Dave was posted back to CFB Petawawa and soon saw himself on UN tour of Bosnia (January - July 1996) under IFOR. Upon his return from Bosnia, he was tasked with being the Chief Unarmed Combat instructor for the RCD, at which time he opened his current Dojo in Petawawa. By May 1998, he opened his second Dojo in his hometown of Chalk River. He was with the assistance of club members, the host of the annual Ninja Jiu-Jitsu summer camps in 1998 and 1999, both of which were big successes. In August of 1998 David was promoted to the rank of Godan (5th Degree) and in June 2003 promoted to his current rank of Rokudan (6th Degree) in the art of Jiu-Jitsu. After 26 years of training in the arts, hhe understands that “the journey is never over, it only gets more interesting”. In the time as an instructor, Dave Stewart has produced 12 well qualified Black belts, his son Ben being one of them, and some have gone on to achieve expertise in the art itself.

David retired from the Canadian Forces (Oct 2001) and moved back to the Kamloops area where he has plans on reopening his Dojo. There he will carry on the traditions of Ninja-Ryu Jiu-Jitsu and continue to develop his art. He is also very much interested in pursuing other avenues of training to further his knowledge of other styles and systems.