Sensei Darryl Sponagle

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Darryl SponagleDarryl Sponagle started his quest in Jiu Jitsu in November 2006. He was graded to Club Black Belt on 22 Jul 2010. Since receiving his brown belt in Nov 2008, Darryl has been a key component to student development. In 2009 he attended the CNJJBBF seminar in Ottawa, since then he has also broadened his martial arts knowledge by attending s seminar by Rodrigo Resende, 2nd dan BBJ and 4th dan in Judo. When not training and teaching at the Shearwater Club, he cross trains at other local jiu jitsu and judo clubs.

He has introduced Judo and Jiu Jitsu to “at risk youth” through work where he works as a care worker in group homes. Since Sensei Jim’s transfer to Sydney, Darryl has assumed the role of primary instructor at Shearwater Jiu Jitsu Club under the guidance of Sensei Jim Clark.